How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

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Nuclear energy creates an uneasy feeling of danger for many people: ancient and dangerous minerals are concentrated to awaken seemingly unnatural powers, creating toxic elements that, if they escape, can and have killed people in horrible ways. How many people has nuclear energy killed and how?

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    1. Thạnh Phạm
      Thạnh Phạm
      20 napja

      Leaves absorb photons converted to electrons -- and positrons + Leaves use 918 positron suck 917 electron -- create proton + .....

    2. K. C Kang Tan
      K. C Kang Tan
      20 napja

      omg 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of nuclear death correct not kurzgesagt

    3. Thạnh Phạm
      Thạnh Phạm

      Stupid science Science doesn't know The greater the mass, the stronger the magnetic field. The mass of Jupiter is 1321 times the mass of Earth, so Jupiter ' s magnetic field is 20 times stronger than the Earth ' s , hence the Sun and Jupiter suck 181 kilograms of Earth hydrogen per minute, so the Sun and Jupiter are toxic hydrogen, hence the atmosphere of the Earth is pure

    4. Pete

      Can you make a video about how radiation affects the body? And information like that, amazing videos btw ❤️❤️

    5. GreyNade
      2 hónapja

      Video on " How to get our suns energy" ??

  2. Yeshvin Goodary
    Yeshvin Goodary
    4 órája

    Doofenshmirtz Tower at @4:24 HILARIOUS

  3. Alex LegoGaming
    Alex LegoGaming
    17 órája

    4:24 doofenshmetz evil inc. ?

  4. Remake
    19 órája

    Can’t we just burn nuclear waste for rockets?

  5. Nazgul
    20 órája

    Nuclear does seem like the best option at first, but nuclear waste and dangers going with it are just problems that humanity will burden its future generations with and that is the exact problem that got us into this mess in the first place. No more thinking of "future generations will deal with it". Nuclear waste is just disaster waiting to happen. It might not affect our generation, but in couple generations it will be an actual big problem. That is the reason why i am against nuclear energy. I dont agree with Germany removing current nuclear plants from operation and switching to fossil fuels, i feel like just keep the current number of plants working and dont add more, instead just keep adding more renewable energy like solar and wind until some far future where you can basically switch all energy to renewable green energy. The biggest problem is not these debates we common people have, its that politicians dont do shit in one of the most polluting country like USA. Kids need to have lessons in ecology from basically first grade and no longer as a side subject.

  6. Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson

    Could you make a video about the effects of work culture primarily in the U.S? I'm torn as jobs provide the foundation to the country's sustainability but on a smaller scale I know many people suffer the emotional and possibly physical consequences of burning themselves out for their occupation. I'm really interested to hear your guy's take on it. I also love your videos and animations.

  7. Richard Wilkin
    Richard Wilkin

    Eventually the world might have fusion power (aided by the likes of ITER and STEP). Hopefully countries can then move beyond just having carbon-neutral goals, to actually reducing toxins and other junk in the air, waterways, land, and space.

  8. Николай Косинский
    Николай Косинский

    I would definitely like a whole video about nuclear waste

  9. Clifford Morgan
    Clifford Morgan

    The zippy trout statistically harm because letter unexpectedly ignore along a mundane exhaust. animated, periodic shampoo

  10. Paulo Melo
    Paulo Melo

    Nuclear is also finite and has serious storage limits. Sun, wind and geothermal are virtually unlimited.

    1. Gianmarco Scala
      Gianmarco Scala

      With the uranium in the crust plus that present in sea water we have thousands of years of energy.

  11. Marloes van den Adel
    Marloes van den Adel

    Woow the difference in energyconsumption between europe and the us is shocking if this video is true, I wonder why there is such a huge difference...

  12. Morganite101
    2 napja

    Why don't we just yeet the nuclear waste into space?

    1. Your Average Person
      Your Average Person

      Well matter can not be created or destroyed right? So if we throw matter off the planet, we will eventually lose more and more matter, even if that matter is trash

  13. Bradley Wingard
    Bradley Wingard
    2 napja

    I'd take Nuclear over any other source any day. Solar is good, but the amount of environmental poultion caused by mining the substances needed to make the solar panels is way too high. Yes, there is radioactive waste, but most countries are very good at recycling their waste and disposing of it safely. Chernobyl is a bad example of a Nuclear Plant (or a good example on not how to do it) but we also need to remember that it was build by the USSR, that doesn't exactly scream quality... The Simpsons also doesn't help nuclear's case either but it's a cartoon that people take way too seriously, so much so that people think the steam coming out of the top of them is radioactive (shocker, it's not, it's just normal steam) It's still a LONG (minium 5 years away) way off, but Nuclear Fusion is the future of energy. It is hard to get started, but once it is, it is a nearly infinite power supply with no radioactive waste. And spoiler alert, fusion powers the sun, so you know it's good and natural... maybe one day

  14. Willyfisch
    2 napja

    In my opinion, it should also be accounted for that a accident death of a 35-year-old renewable power construction worker leaving his family behind is worse than a 92-year-old dying a few months earlier from cancer caused by radiation. This is argueable of course, if someone's life is worth less than some else's, but that is my opinion.

  15. Владислав Галютин
    Владислав Галютин
    2 napja

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  16. Ezer Ratchaga
    Ezer Ratchaga
    2 napja

    The biggest argument against nuclear wasn't covered here. It's purely economic. It can't compete with renewables on cost. Any nuclear power plants built today would be stranded in the near future as maintenance alone would cost more than renewables.

  17. claire hamilton
    claire hamilton
    2 napja

    I'm sure in the future, or maybe even now, if we put the smartest minds into recycling and reusing nuclear waste, we could make it safe.

    1. Gianmarco Scala
      Gianmarco Scala

      The nice thing is, it is already possibile! We already nave the technology to extract energy from nuclear wastes and completly consume them

  18. Sir OOF
    Sir OOF
    3 napja

    please make a video about storing Nuclear waste and if there really is a solution

  19. Brandon Marr
    Brandon Marr
    3 napja

    It all comes down to opinions and politics in the end, as always

  20. Daniel Holley
    Daniel Holley
    3 napja

    If people re interested loo up the ted talk of thorium. It can eradicate other forms of energy, its a lot safer and its an element that can be found around the world. Its radioactive waste takes 10 years or so to decay and the reactors can be the size or refrigerators. It was developed I believe the same time uranium power plants were invented in the Manhattan project but silenced to make nuclear weapons. Highly recommend checking out the research on thorium LWRs.

  21. Zilla Studios
    Zilla Studios
    3 napja

    Is there a vid on castle bravo for this channel?

  22. ZavhallaTV
    3 napja

    We should be focusing on finding out ways to send nuclear waste into space. I mean, its more than virtually empty real state. Also, space is already radioactive and all.

    1. ZavhallaTV
      2 napja

      @Jaybee Bartolome Yeah, but i was talking about shooting things in outer space, not in the Earth's gravity sphere of influence. Like, sending all this shit all the way out of the Solar System.

    2. Jaybee Bartolome
      Jaybee Bartolome
      3 napja

      The problem is Kessler syndrome. Hell, I dont want to see one moving at me at 16K m/s

  23. Will D
    Will D
    4 napja

    I would really like a whole video on nuclear waste thank you

  24. radda radda
    radda radda
    4 napja

    Too bad there's money to be made off fossil fuels and people dying. You'd think the people that actually make changes on institutional levels would want the country to flourish in the long run, leading to opportunities of prosperity and happiness for everyone...I guess they would rather see their bank accounts inflate as much as possible for their singular lifetime. Sounds like a miserable existence.

  25. rhg rhl
    rhg rhl
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  26. Cello Lrnvan
    Cello Lrnvan
    4 napja

    so interesting !!!

  27. Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts
    4 napja

    Yup yup yup Never forget Three Mile Island Yo

  28. Night Train
    Night Train
    4 napja

    Invisible force bad, burning things warm unga good

  29. Sammy Kixxi
    Sammy Kixxi
    4 napja

    Of course hydro is going to be one of the most deadly if more people use it more people are going to die from it's like in Star Trek more red shirts are going to die because red shirts are most of the crew.

  30. Goose
    5 napja

    So we don’t count the bombs Americans dropped on Japan?

  31. Luffy
    5 napja

    4:24 is that doofinshmirtz evil inc.?

  32. Ultimaratiopharm
    5 napja

    But how many people would die if Tschernobyl happened in Germany or France? Like some worst case comparison

  33. Kathryn Cox
    Kathryn Cox
    5 napja

    The meek wilderness pathohistologically hate because cod thoracically drag beneath a odd cub. concerned, living open

  34. hypertele Xii
    hypertele Xii
    6 napja

    Burning fuel is now officially murder.

  35. Kyung Dong Kim
    Kyung Dong Kim
    6 napja

    일본원전 최악의 사건인데 그걸 커버치노

  36. Charlotte Raven
    Charlotte Raven
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  37. Squallycellar 25
    Squallycellar 25
    6 napja

    Launch nuclear waste into space

  38. Donna Haynes
    Donna Haynes
    6 napja

    did no-one die from 3 mile island? seems that it should have been mentioned as one of the major nuclear accidents at least for comparison...

  39. Guy Pops
    Guy Pops
    6 napja

    My stupid monkey brain only senses danger

  40. sal mcniven
    sal mcniven
    6 napja

    Anyone catch the Doofenshmirtz tower reference

  41. Edoardo MANCUSO
    Edoardo MANCUSO
    7 napja

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    huey ho
    7 napja

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  43. Devil Dev
    Devil Dev
    7 napja

    We should find a way to produce/harvest energy from the other planets and bring it home.

  44. vCommander
    7 napja

    Translate this sh

  45. Minotaur1776
    7 napja

    What I learned from this video: Renewable and nuclear energy are extremely safe, but communism kills.

  46. Riku H
    Riku H
    7 napja

    This is the only video that I disliked you. The ocean pollution caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant is too great, and the treatment of nuclear waste water is simply a disaster for all mankind.

  47. Richard Cheek
    Richard Cheek
    7 napja

    Thorium Molten Salt Reactors do not have toxic by-products and are scalable from small enough to run a vehicle like your car, power your home, all the way up to a regional reactor. And there is no risk from nuclear radiation or toxic by-products and 100% safe.

    1. Richard Cheek
      Richard Cheek
      3 napja

      @Thomas Fulton There are small scale TMSR designs that would not be so expensive and would have the added advantage of shortening the distance from power generation source to the consumer.

    2. Thomas Fulton
      Thomas Fulton
      5 napja

      Yeah, tbh thorium reactors are probably the future. The only downside is that they are super expensive, but I guess you could say that for all power plants.

  48. Mia Bobeea
    Mia Bobeea
    7 napja

    One thing people don't talk nearly enough about is the waste that fossil fuels produce. Thank you for at least partially addressing that in this video; you're doing better than most. I have yet to see a discussion of how coal ash (and other petroleum byproducts) impacts the environment, and it is something that I think would benefit the public if it was discussed more.

  49. Sam F
    Sam F
    7 napja

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  50. duong pham
    duong pham
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    I don't even have 10 dollars a month :(((

  51. ꧁☆ꂠꐞ꒒ꁲꋊ☆꧂
    8 napja

    I love you're intro :)

  52. 超重戦車チハ
    8 napja


  53. Ladislaus
    8 napja

    Do not be ridiculous. Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl. Japan's response has been the worst, and it still is. Hundreds of people died from eating radioactive food alone.

    1. Riku H
      Riku H
      7 napja


  54. chinedum onuoha
    chinedum onuoha
    8 napja

    have you guys noticed that when Kurzgesagt talks about something in the video,the monkey in the intro is either holding it or doing somthing simmilar to the topic

  55. Николай Смирнов
    Николай Смирнов
    9 napja

    How about we develop this topic further? After all, there is a solution to the problem of nuclear waste! Fast Neutron Reactors. For example, in Russia, we are building a new experimental fast-neutron nuclear plant, the first in the world with a lead coolant! The previous fast neutron reactors were with a Sodium coolant. This is a big step forward towards a closed nuclear cycle!

  56. BABISH
    9 napja

    Do a video about how radiation kills you🤓

  57. Lilith Hernandez
    Lilith Hernandez
    10 napja

    Fossil fuels stands out.

  58. urbanws1234
    10 napja

    Scrap all energy sources and let’s go back to the dark ages!

  59. Jaydon Ruble
    Jaydon Ruble
    10 napja

    The spectacular thread undesirably release because station only live like a steady dressing. afraid, sad event

  60. M4tanker
    10 napja

    why is has there been 5 nuclear accidents right on top of my city and i have never heard of it I feel like i should have none about them

  61. AestheticSloth
    10 napja

    Death isn't a bad thing, sustainable large scale energy is preferred to green tech ponzi schemes

  62. BluJay6430
    10 napja

    I saw the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building at 4:24 !

  63. zcoo MUSICS
    zcoo MUSICS
    11 napja

    That monkey at the start always showing the thing that we’re investigating in an video is crazy

  64. Anton Stoffberg
    Anton Stoffberg
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    Thank you so much 😊 I was sick so sick and you saved me

  65. Addison Bar
    Addison Bar
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  66. Lucas Ferreira Marques
    Lucas Ferreira Marques
    11 napja

    ok this video is amazing. truth be told, every single one of this channel is.

  67. Laizi Nemui
    Laizi Nemui
    12 napja

    Dang, I'd love to play a game with your art.

  68. Svetleći imposter
    Svetleći imposter
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    🦉🦅🦜🐓🐔🕊️🦢🐧🐥🦚🦃 Kurzgesagt uses this birds -> 🐧🐤🐦 what about those ones at the start?

  69. John C. Newman
    John C. Newman
    13 napja

    Hey, you included deaths from construction in renewables - I figure you're on top of things, but wanted to double check, did you do the same with nuclear?

  70. Ninja Cat
    Ninja Cat
    13 napja

    Well but chernobyl kinda made the accident better because if it was bigger europe would be inhabitable for like 50 years

  71. Brave Sir Robin
    Brave Sir Robin
    13 napja

    Would love a video about nuclear waste

  72. WitcherTym 1
    WitcherTym 1
    13 napja

    Dzięki że tłumaczysz film napisami po Polsku

  73. Leonard Lörvall
    Leonard Lörvall
    13 napja

    I'd definitely like a video on nuclear waste!

  74. Bokoblin
    13 napja

    2:33 Notice the triforce on his hat, nothing really important but I just thought it was a cool detail.

  75. Peggy Morgan
    Peggy Morgan
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      NoHaxJustXmod - SFS
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      @Aayush Tripathi bruh what the heck

    2. Aayush Tripathi
      Aayush Tripathi
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      @NoHaxJustXmod - SFS These are scam bots and are commenting random stuff so that HUfrom thinks they are real people

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      NoHaxJustXmod - SFS
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    Aunt bill
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    Ya Turkey

    14 napja

    Yiğithan kılınç kardeşim her gece şu videoyu çevir diye dua ediyom niye çevirmiyon?Ne olur çevir

    1. Yiğithan Kılınç
      Yiğithan Kılınç
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      Eklendi 😄

  78. Melias Magnor
    Melias Magnor
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    6:20 my new metal band logo

  79. Twitch_StarLord_
    14 napja

    Like why didnt they just shift to renewables "for immediate energy requirement" ? And expand it insanely using the shutdown of reactors as an opportunity. Thatd have been the best solution instead of going from nuclear to coal smh. That jus made it worse..

  80. Sebastián Escudero Hoyos
    Sebastián Escudero Hoyos
    15 napja

    We are afraid of something we gave a false "preview", instead of discovering the truth.

  81. Guillermo
    15 napja

    why there isn´t spanish subtitles? Same in others videos.

  82. rkl7 l7rr7
    rkl7 l7rr7
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    Not your video are translated but it ok.

  83. Nilanka Mallikaratchy
    Nilanka Mallikaratchy
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    The best video for learning people and children 😀😀😀

  84. Root Sharp
    Root Sharp
    15 napja

    How did you decide nuclear energy become a thing in 1951? What about marie curie? What about world's first nuclear reactor? Why 1951?

  85. Peter Rocc
    Peter Rocc
    15 napja

    I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17)

  86. Dalliene Jessop
    Dalliene Jessop
    16 napja

    Is this animated in 3D? There were certain moments where it looked like it was

  87. Sergio
    16 napja

    Go nuclear.

  88. Tuấn Lê
    Tuấn Lê
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    love all people and all animal,Release the animals so they can live and thrive,Do a little more charity. Just study, just work, focus on economic development in all industries, disease prevention and treatment for everyone.Donate money, food for people in need, No abortion, Live in accordance with the law, do not drink alcohol, do not use stimulants, plant many trees, grow many food crops, grow many crops.Paying filial piety to parents, paying filial piety to ancestors, going to pagodas to worship Buddha, praying to God and Buddha for protection.Propagating Buddhism to share with everyone.Worshiping all Buddha, bodhisattvas, and holy gods,Worshiping Heaven, earth.

    1. Simon Robillard
      Simon Robillard
      7 napja

      Release the animals ? What kind of drugs are you on ? Domesticated animals cannot survive in the wild; they were litteraly born so we could eat them

    2. Aadhya Ivaturi
      Aadhya Ivaturi
      16 napja

      I saw you in another vid, wth is your problem

  89. Hamakei
    16 napja

    "Saving millions of lives is something we can all agree on."'d think.

    1. Raul Alan Del Angel Flores
      Raul Alan Del Angel Flores
      14 napja

      we can, we may not as for me i wouldnt mind if the world ended tomorrow, today, in a second, i just don't have a care

  90. Zeviticus
    16 napja

    Where are you getting 30 people killed in Chernobyl? PBS? I don't see any reference, so I shut the video off and disregarded anything you had to say.

    1. SalSauce
      2 napja

      @Zeviticus The only thing here contradictory here are your replies. You asked for a source and you got one.

    2. Zeviticus
      3 napja

      @SalSauce Clearly, I don't have time to dig through the contradictory reference lists that were provided. I'm sure I read them all at some time. Three people died during the nuclear accident Chernobyl. One of them was from a helicopter crash while surveying the damage. So, did that person die because of the explosion? After that, everything is speculation as to what their cause of death was. I came to this video for more information, instead all I got was guessing games and arguments from this channel's fans.

    3. SalSauce
      10 napja

      @Zeviticus Clearly you haven't since it gave a source where they got the 30 people killed from. And there was a reference, in the bottom left corner.

    4. Zeviticus
      10 napja

      @SalSauce I did. That's why I asked. Think about it before you make these comments.

    5. SalSauce
      11 napja

      They usually have a sources document in the description. Check there before you make these comments.

  91. MR BLUE
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  92. Peter l
    Peter l
    18 napja

    Sponsored by the nuclear energy lobby. Really I mean fossil fuel is worse for sure, but still WHY are you so much promoting nuclear energy in all your videos? Yes, you also tell about the bad sides of it but the overall result is "yes, we should have moore of it". No. no. no, sorry. We don't need more nuclear waste and the risks that will follow us for hundreds of thousands of years.

    1. Simon Robillard
      Simon Robillard
      7 napja

      Renewables cannot sustain our needs in energy right now. It is a somewhat of a "necessary evil" while we transition away from fossil fuels

  93. تاج راسي
    تاج راسي
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  94. creamcheeseboi
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    Easter egg: at 0:22 the monkey is holding uranium(?)

    1. creamcheeseboi
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      @PandaBoiPlayz oh, this is just the first time I've realized it 😅

    2. PandaBoiPlayz
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      in this type of intro the monkey is always holding something video related

  95. Orion055 II-II
    Orion055 II-II
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    Think u could do a video showing what it would be like in hiroshima and nagasaki during the nukes

    1. SalSauce
      11 napja

      @Orion055 II-II it would be literally the exact same thing but the power of the blast would be different

    2. Orion055 II-II
      Orion055 II-II
      18 napja

      @Yiğithan Kılınç i know but i wanna see what it was like there specifically

    3. Yiğithan Kılınç
      Yiğithan Kılınç
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      They already did that "What If We Nuke a City"

  96. Sanjit Kadam
    Sanjit Kadam
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    1. Kiwo
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  97. McChungles
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    4:24 Doofinshmirtz Evil Incorporateeeddd!

  98. kot policyjny
    kot policyjny
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  99. TylerIsADumb
    20 napja

    There are actually nuclear reactors being developed that are fueled by nuclear waste, so that "permanent waste storage" may only be temporary.

  100. Lonk
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    The more I learn the more my head hurts from how stupid people are