Overpopulation & Africa

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For most of our history, the human population grew slowly. Until new discoveries brought us more food and made us live longer. In just a hundred years the human population quadrupled.
This led to apocalyptic visions of an overcrowded earth. But the population growth rate actually peaked in the 1960s. Since then, fertility rates have crashed as countries industrialize and develop. World population is now expected to balance out at around 11 billion by the end of the century.
But the big picture conceals the details.

Let us look at one region in particular:
Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019 it was home to a billion people living in 46 countries. Although its growth rate has slowed down in the last few decades, it is still much higher than in the rest of the world.
While some projections expect around 2.6 billion people others reckon with up to 5 billion by 2100.
Such growth would be a huge challenge for any society. But Sub-Saharan Africa is also the poorest region on earth.
So is Sub-Saharan Africa doomed? And why do the projections vary by 2.4 billion people?

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      Kanye South
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      @Oakley Golden-Pursey 2 montys

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      12shzarmai 55
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      Great video. And Everyone be gangsta till Africa becomes the most populous continent on Earth.

    3. Ильюха Краснодарский
      Ильюха Краснодарский
      29 napja

      Hello, I'm from Russia, I really like your videos, keep up the good work 👍, can you see more in Russian?

    4. ross smith
      ross smith

      Even if population in sub Sahara Africa stays stable, just look at Nigeria. Over 200 million people and very little Rainforest/jungle. It's mostly farmland.

    5. Christoph Schneeweiß
      Christoph Schneeweiß

      You don't seriously think we are gonna survive this century? Humanity can be glad if 1 Billion is left by the end of the century.

  2. Transformer Real
    Transformer Real

    This video helped my classmates overcome their pro eugenics takes

  3. Luke Manning
    Luke Manning
    2 órája

    Armenian/Artsakh-Hungarian Grandparents: 16 siblings (8 made it to adolescence) Mom: 7 siblings Me: 5 siblings

  4. Willem Van Staden
    Willem Van Staden
    2 órája

    In South Africa, at least, the main problem is that the money sent as aid or investment by foreign countries are spirited away into the vast black hole that is called the ruling political elite and their families. Corruption plagues the ex-comrades who only seek to fatten themselves and their friends and family while poor people just stay poor.

  5. Dakshita
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    dad : 7 siblings mom: 3 siblings me: 2 siblings (one of them is my twin)

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    4:29 amogus

  7. Big Dan's Livestreams
    Big Dan's Livestreams
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    2:10 "In the 1960s, the average woman had 7 children" *shows 6 kids*

  8. HisImages Mr. & Mrs. Agyei
    HisImages Mr. & Mrs. Agyei
    13 órája

    The problem is not population, the problem is exploitation...

  9. killerlightning -
    killerlightning -

    Africa just has a bad reputation, maybe the worst in the world, when it comes to economic and educational issues. Maybe this is what in part perpetuates their problems for far longer than in other parts of the world even in cases where the countries make huge efforts to do better. Simply put, investors would feel much safer putting their money on a recovering European country than on an African one. It's like when a student that gets bad grades makes an effort to improve but finds himself stuck because the teachers already have a bad impression of him and don't trust that he will maintain his new-found motivation. This in turn gives the student worse results than he deserved, or at least than what he would have gotten with the same help from teachers that is considered universal, and so when the student actually feels discouraged, the teacher feels reassured in that his hunch had been right all along. It's a never ending cycle. The same affects African governments. If a government, especially in Africa, makes tremendous changes in an effort to repair their situation, when those changes don't pay off as expected, the government will face instability and might even be toppled.

  10. Bunny Gummybear
    Bunny Gummybear

    1:57 lol too scared to include china when tens of millions died of starvation in the 1960

  11. Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan

    Thank you for bringing Bangladesh :) Very Fascinating work

  12. Timothy James Dongon
    Timothy James Dongon

    2:52 is a mans dream

  13. MemeFlavoredJam

    4:46 Amogus

  14. Animation Chronicles
    Animation Chronicles
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    I like how he hasn't talked about South Africa or even shown the flag

  15. 86wellacre
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    Kids cost money it’s fair enough to only have two or three.

  16. James Smith
    James Smith
    3 napja

    It's always an issue for Black people to procreate but never for White people. Do people realize that the Earth is getting browner every year and will eventually dominate the globe once again? Do people also realize that by 2045 America for instance will be White minority? I find this "science" odd as its targeting one of the fastest growing populations of color and labeling it "a crisis." For whom and who said? Also, why didn't this video address the fact that the continent of African is the most resource rich continent in the world but is also the most exploited largely due to its part in the colonization period?

  17. Thando Zungu
    Thando Zungu
    3 napja

    Bruh South Africa is 4X bigger then the UK but have 7 million less people but we're the ones who are over populated

  18. balanchaev tukuncho
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    Priya Rani
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    Indian streets : hold my beer

  20. LaTe Ko
    LaTe Ko
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    Can we talk about the nuclear option

  21. Mashoor Araf
    Mashoor Araf
    3 napja

    I am from Bangladesh. My grandfather had 9 children(1960-70's) and then the next generation my father has 2 children (2000).

  22. Bucky Goldstein
    Bucky Goldstein
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    Thank you Kurzgesagt for teaching ignorant me how the world works.

  23. Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat
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    _“We won't include the whole of Africa, otherwise the video would be an hour long”_ I'd see that more as a gift

  24. Akoji Emmanuel
    Akoji Emmanuel
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    Poorest? 😂😂 or you mean greedy leaders who don’t do anything and make us look poor?

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      Biden Sucks
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      lol..... shuddap bum

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    Kurze Animation
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    My Grandma had 9 Siblings. I have none.

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      Biden Sucks
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      she was a good little man sauce dumpster

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    Hasan Kaynar
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    Mom-2 Dad-3 Me-3 In TURKEY

  27. Drew
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    Whoa whoa. So you’re trying to tell us that affordable accessible healthcare and affordable quality education helps countries thrive?! Hogwash.

    1. Biden Sucks
      Biden Sucks
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      shuddap leftist

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    Whats up Kurzgesagt! Check out my response video to your video "What is life?" :)

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    Просто шикарный канал, спасибо большое за работу!

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  33. Monoja Kennedy
    Monoja Kennedy
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    My grandmother who had only 4 kids (she wanted more but didn't get them) wasn't happy when my mom told her that her 3 kids were enough. She wanted more grandkids 😂. And now even out generation wants less kids. So the population of Africa wouldn't be 5Billion by 2100. I'm sure our grandkids will have same family size as the Europeans

  34. A Axolotl
    A Axolotl
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    Old videos

  35. lukeTDM850
    8 napja

    What about islamic women who aren't allowed an education? And have to obey the mans wishes. Are their birth rates high?

    1. KA
      4 napja

      @lukeTDM850 The birth rates of the islamic countries are lowest in africa at 2-3 children per women.

    2. lukeTDM850
      4 napja

      @KA UK lately as i have witnessed women living under the mans rule personally here, but it is present in all other islamic countries aswell, author Ed hussain is releasing a book on this topic soon.

    3. KA
      4 napja

      Which countries?

  36. KillahManjaro
    8 napja

    What's this guy talking about? Only rich regions of the earth get colonized. Europe is the poorest region of the Earth because they have no natural resources anyone needs. African nation just need better infrastructure, which they are finally working on, they also should stop selling raw minerals to the west and only sell finished finished good to other regions.

  37. Cool Stotalk
    Cool Stotalk
    8 napja

    What about north africa?!

    1. Cool Stotalk
      Cool Stotalk
      3 napja

      @KA thanks 🇲🇦

    2. KA
      4 napja

      low birthrate in north africa, most near the replacement rate of 2.1 Libya - 2.24 Tunisia - 2.2 Egypt - 3.33 Morocco - 2.42 Algeria - 3.02

  38. Elke S
    Elke S
    9 napja

    I feel really sorry for the animated birds in these animations. They’re constantly tortured. Crushed, pulled into black holes, the works

    1. Elke S
      Elke S
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      I’m not being completely serious. But they just get annihilated in these.

    2. Alen Mandal
      Alen Mandal
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      Please tell me it's a satire

  39. ronaldonmg
    9 napja

    Yet another video pretending to talk about overpopulation, without mentioning per-capita consumption. Yes, subsaharan Africa could easily feed itself, but not if huge parts of land are used for (exported) tobacco, fodder, carfuel...

  40. yotoball I4
    yotoball I4
    9 napja

    We'll unfortunately you took a basic element out of the equation. Islam and it's negative effects in all the regions ruled by it.

  41. Nasimul Haque
    Nasimul Haque
    10 napja

    Its really amazing that you guys often use Bangladesh as a example in many videos. Really I see a bright future for my country 😊. Anyways I am also a single child of my parents.

  42. Joshua David Romero
    Joshua David Romero
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    Then the church comes to take the condoms away, very smart.

    1. Animation Chronicles
      Animation Chronicles
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      @Joshua David Romero haven't been to one I'll b

    2. Joshua David Romero
      Joshua David Romero
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      @Animation Chronicles The catholics

    3. Animation Chronicles
      Animation Chronicles
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      Which one?

  43. Walid Khan
    Walid Khan
    11 napja

    Lots of love from Bangladesh

  44. Berdiq
    11 napja

    I'm from Kazakhstan and I'm sure you can't even realize how happy kazakhs are when they hear smth about their country somewhere else

    1. KA
      4 napja

      no need to be a weeb

    11 napja

    They do get to choose how many children they have, simply don't have sex. Its really mind boggling how people don't understand that

  46. Evan Page
    Evan Page
    13 napja

    God: "Go forth and populate the Earth." ... God, some time later: "No, not like that!"

    1. Animation Chronicles
      Animation Chronicles
      2 napja

      This is practically India and China..countries alone

  47. Rafi Muhammad Zakaria
    Rafi Muhammad Zakaria
    13 napja

    Well guess what? Bangladesh has become a Developing country by 2020, 4 years before projection. By 2021, Bangladesh achieved the highest GDP per capita and standard of living in the sub continent. Great Success. Joy Bangla.

  48. Milladur Rahman Mubin
    Milladur Rahman Mubin
    13 napja

    Well, it's felt very good to see my country, Bangladesh, has done a lot on reducing population growth, educate people, providing better helathcare. I appreciate the praise your channel give to my country.

    14 napja

    Education, employment, technology, and contraceptives reduce population. People have more children if they own farms that if farms were government and corporate owned and controlled people would have no need to have more children. Grandpa had a farm with no technology back then so he had 13 children. Father lived in the city so he had 3 children. And I plan on having no children because I do not want that heavy responsibility.

    14 napja

    Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times through evolutionary processes.

  51. ᅵwhybee
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  52. Köftebaba
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    Dede calissana aq

  53. Sagesse
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    We need to redefine the word parent. Do parents have children for the right reasons. Why are sooooooooooo many children left to the streets to survive. Poverty, poverty, poverty! Is that fair toward children! Come on people, why is it so hard to understand that you wat to give your child the best life! There should be laws, that if you want to have many children then you must be able to prove that you can afford it & every parent must be forced to have policies to ensure you can look after those children!

  54. Margaret Brooks
    Margaret Brooks
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    FYI, Bangladesh got independent in 1971.

  58. J. Rizz
    J. Rizz
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    The country China has more people than than the continent Africa

    1. VividRouge
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      Doesn't Africa have like 2 billion people? I geussed btw

  59. stuart124
    19 napja

    "Ethnically heterogeneous and lacked unity" Did nobody tell them "diversity is your strength"?

    1. Admiral_ Waffles
      Admiral_ Waffles
      16 napja

      On a small scale yes. On the scale of countries, no. Different groups of whatever kind (geographic, ethnic, cultural, political, etc) can have competing interests, and makes anything involving cooperation and integratiom within the country more difficult. Why else do you think china, a homogenous, integrated authoritarian state can move people and material in weeks, when it takes even western countries months to do the same?

  60. JJr Carvalho
    JJr Carvalho
    19 napja

    The video speaks more about Bangladesh than afrika

  61. Xiaotian (Carlos) Ma
    Xiaotian (Carlos) Ma
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    omg i love the birdies and ducks in the video explaining the situation.

  62. Y Yotto
    Y Yotto
    22 napja

    why can't u just ban poor people to having children

    1. Kérity Ezyo
      Kérity Ezyo
      21 napja

      Because without preservatives they can't prevent to have children

  63. Aryan HS
    Aryan HS
    23 napja

    I am a Bangladeshi

  64. SNAKE CoDM
    25 napja

    I love hoe they actuqlly do research first

  65. Trần Mai Quỳnh
    Trần Mai Quỳnh
    25 napja

    I am from Vietnam whose population has witnessed huge declinations in population growth due to better contraception and education as mentioned in the video. My grandmother had up to 8 siblings (including the youngly dead ones), each of my parents have 4 siblings who all managed to live until now. And me: just 1 younger brother, I feel really OK with this. My society is far more comfortable when talking about sex, condom and family planning, cultivating early awareness of population growth among residents (GREATTT ONE!!). Really feeel proud of my nation, Vietnammmm

  66. Etds
    25 napja

    1:30 PLEASE

  67. Evelyn Chums
    Evelyn Chums
    25 napja

    Any study of the progress and social history of any and whichever group of people cannot be broken down in generalisations. Language has and will always be homogeneous to the rapid development in any civilisation or culture.

  68. Tophat gaming
    Tophat gaming
    25 napja

    2:26 can i just call out the fact that kursgesagt has the best interpretation of Indians I've ever seen on yt? Thank you.

  69. DeadlyDanDaMan
    26 napja

    Even if the global birth rate dropped to only 2 children per family, THAT IS STILL TOO MUCH. THAT WILL STILL CAUSE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. Seriously, you people CAN'T be this fucking stupid?! The population WILL NOT BALANCE OUT AT 11 BILLION PEOPLE. That is a complete fucking guess, and a VERY poor one at that for the EXACT REASON I just told you. Two people have 2 kids; those 2 kids have 2 kids (4 kids); then those 4 kids have 2 kids (8 kids); then those 8 kids have 2 kids (16 kids); then those 16 kids have 2 kids (32 kids); then those 32 kids have 2 kids (64 kids); then those 64 kids have 2 kids (128 kids); then those 128 kids have 2 kids (256 kids); etc.; etc.;....THAT IS EXPONENTIAL GROWTH YOU DUMB FUCKS. And NO, even when you factor in random and natural deaths, that STILL ISN'T ENOUGH. The population has gotten TOO LARGE for ANYTHING to stop the exponential growth. IT'S TOO LATE. WE ARE FUCKED.

    1. Amir Mohammed
      Amir Mohammed
      25 napja

      Bro, when they meant two kids, they meant each couple has two kids. Not every human being. You’d think that was a given.

    2. Cloud
      26 napja

      Mate you are wrong. A population balances ou when families have 2.1-2.2 kids if the fertility rate drops belove 2, a population starts to decline what happened in Europe or East Asia. Africa on the over hand still has massive fertility rates compared to its mortality. Sure its been declining, but slower than the mortality has fallen and is still falling fast. Which made sub sacharan Africas population grow 7 times since 1950s wich was never seen in human histoiry. The growth is slowing down, but anual population is growing fast since theres more people to make more people. From a futuristic point of view we will probably see a black, africain dominant population in the future. Since most young people by the year 2070 will be living in one continent - Africa.

  70. Ismael Mendes Martins
    Ismael Mendes Martins
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  72. Josef Cannedy
    Josef Cannedy
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    The shivering seaplane reilly trick because detective ipsilaterally succeed next a tiny ptarmigan. raspy, ugly mattock

  73. Timberwolfe
    27 napja

    So sad that people love contraceptives. My mom spent 6 years trying and then finding out she couldnt have kids. That's the dark side of contraceptives

  74. Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald
    28 napja

    The good thing now is that Wakanda is FINALLY going to stop hiding and hoarding its enormous wealth . . . . . .

  75. Sum1
    28 napja

    Don't tease us with hour long videos and not follow through!

  76. zouroman
    29 napja

    It's very True education really does have an enormous effect on the population and have an impact both on the age of marriage number of offspring, while my grand parents we're married at a relatively young age with 8 children 2 of them died at birth , my parents were married a bit older with only 2 children, and here I am now expecting not to get married until a bit later then my parents.

  77. Champa Deep
    Champa Deep

    I so lucky and happy that I live in Bangladesh

  78. A R
    A R

    Um... yes but no... the foundation of capitalist economy in North America and Britain is colonization and the reason for poverty and hence having more children in Africa and dare I say slavery which caused civil unrest... then continue with your video... ...but wait the idea is to go back and extract more ? Ok how about with all the intrest from all the resources and people extracted you provide free access to clean water. Invest for free environmentally sound solutions to soil erosion, get rid of the dictators who for the most part are in power because of your new lines on the map, and create schools and universities with leading PhDs t.o educate the new generations to be world leading PhDs... then there you go.. birth "control".

  79. AAditya Mishra
    AAditya Mishra

    Trojan about to be a fortune 500 company

  80. Susan

    My grandparents from mom side have 7. Out of that 7, they have 15 grandkids. Out of 15 we have 7 great grandkids. My parents have 4, and only one grand kid from my sister 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 the other 6 from my cousins 🤦

  81. Rob


  82. I am Kira
    I am Kira

    Anyone liking the quality of the videos ??

  83. A A
    A A

    getting the fertility rate below 2 is disasterous. we should encourage people to have more children!!!! for the sake of the economy and asset price growth!!!!!

    1. shayseahawkraptorfan

      Population growth is bad we should get the birth rate below 2

  84. bekzat abilkasym
    bekzat abilkasym


  85. Lukman Ibrahim
    Lukman Ibrahim

    My family is also *HUGE* since Pagaruyung Kingdom, but they're spread in Indonesia 🇲🇨 . And this is why my hometown is the world's 4th biggest population, after India 🇮🇳 , USA 🇺🇸 , and China 🇨🇳

  86. celticwinter

    2000: Africa has a problem with overpopulation 2020: we don't talk about Africas you-know-what problem in public, it's political suicide 2021: western children are bad for the climate tho 2022: marriage is less freedom and basically imprisonment of strong women, please don't 2040: we have no data on the population growth in Africa, no. why? lmao 2050: there's people starving in Africa, embassy burning and it's also your fault 2060: declining birth rate in the west, we don't understand why. It's probably your fault If we ignore it long enough, it will go away. I'm sure of it.

  87. Ferk Jenkins
    Ferk Jenkins

    Invest in education. OK gotcha.

  88. Varoon

    I'm from Mauritius, the most developed African country. My paternal grandfather had 9 children, my maternal grandfather 7 and my father 2.

  89. Zuma Gallerte
    Zuma Gallerte

    That Asia wasn't colonized until recently and hadn't (and still has) multi-ethnic societies is just not true. East Asia was ravaged by war in the 1940s and there was war later like the Korean War and Vietnam War and there were several civil wars. Still all those countries fare better than any african country. Point 1 is just a politically correct smokescreen to hide the unexplainable fact of how staggeringly far africans lag behind the rest of humanity.

  90. Des Westens
    Des Westens

    This is myth rooted in racism and cultural discrimination. Let’s end it :)

    1. Space Ananas
      Space Ananas
      20 napja

      Yea id like to know that too, what is the myth here? They just showed data on population growth

    2. Kérity Ezyo
      Kérity Ezyo
      21 napja

      What is the myth ? African has a lot of children or it's the poorest continent ?

  91. Ice Bear
    Ice Bear

    My mother has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. And my father also has two brothers and three sisters. And I have three sisters. I'm the only brother. I think it's slowing down slowly for us. Every one in my family (my uncles) has at least two to three children.

  92. JAC gaming
    JAC gaming

    Japan : we need moareeee

  93. Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    Maybe I misheard or misunderstood but it sounded to me like you said that the world population is projected to level off at 11 billion? I find that difficult to take seriously.

  94. AZN stuff
    AZN stuff

    cut all aid to africa and india. no medicine, no money, no vaccines from the West

    1. Kérity Ezyo
      Kérity Ezyo
      21 napja

      Because s·he wants all poor African/Indian die

    2. Lucky Izzac
      Lucky Izzac

      wtf why?

  95. Dovakinn Rhodhark
    Dovakinn Rhodhark

    I find one thing incorrect. There was no Bangladesh in 1960. In 1972 Bangladesh was liberated.


    From Bangladesh ❤️❤️

  97. Travis Jones
    Travis Jones

    Sure Sub-Saharan Africa is diverse, but that doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of the countries are both poor and have high fertility rates. The only reason that Sub-Saharan Africa, as a UN development region, is cut off from the Maghreb is due to historic demographic differences - the Maghreb is Arab and Berber. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there are only a few outliers like South Africa, Botswana and the Seychelles. South Africa was lucky enough in the 20th century to have a white and Asian population driving the economy.

  98. Beatles..

    We need to form a world govt to enforce 1 child policy...need to emprison people who are having more kids

    1. Beatles..

      @KJ110813 there won't be any gender imbalance if baby will be selected by test tubes or coupon system... Family will be forced to plan boys or girls there's always options...

    2. KJ110813

      And have a worldwide gender imbalance like what resulted from China's one child policy? I dk. Seems like a terrible idea. ...china is a great nation when it comes to showing the world what not to do.

    3. Beatles..

      @Goku Ultra Istinct believe me it's totally make sense..

    4. Goku Ultra Istinct
      Goku Ultra Istinct

      What the hell? It doesn't even make sense

  99. Ayden Shahraki
    Ayden Shahraki

    My mom: 5 siblings My dad: 12 Me: My brother That’s Iran (Pretend it was bold)

  100. Sharon Co
    Sharon Co

    This is very informative but I don't understand why you keep on saying that one factor is when "women decide to have children later in life" as if the men are not as much responsible for the pregnancy. Yeah, women have only started receiving education bc of sexism. But men havd been educated long before. Is this an implication that educating men didn't have an effect on their family planning decisions because THEY'RE WERE NEVER AND STILL NOT BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PREGNANCIES THEY HAVE CAUSED??