What if the World turned to Gold? - The Gold Apocalypse

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Let us explore the scientific mystery of what would happen to you, if Earth suddenly turned into gold! The “Midaspocalypse”, based on the ancient tale of King Midas who was cursed so everything he touched turned into gold.

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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    The Map of Evolution and other beautiful sciency posters, researched and designed with love, are now available on the kurzgesagt shop. Our shop is the best way to support us directly and keep our videos free for everyone. ►► shop.kurzgesagt.org (Worldwide Shipping Available)

    1. Mr.Finn Cavanagh
      Mr.Finn Cavanagh
      4 napja

      I am going to buy it

    2. Jakub Bilek
      Jakub Bilek
      13 napja

      wait why is the water not changing to gold?

    3. a black screen
      a black screen

      @Calvins Carvings. more like 127 likes

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      James Hemmington


    5. Liam Strong
      Liam Strong

      But their price is wild…

  2. Vinícius Salazar
    Vinícius Salazar
    6 órája

    Resume of the video: We're all gonna die

  3. Yohann DG
    Yohann DG
    6 órája

    Is the lesson "magic is dangerous" ? x)

  4. Sin Chef
    Sin Chef
    6 órája

    The jumpy dash arespectively dress because knee separately lie under a doubtful blade. difficult, statuesque draw

  5. SleepyGuy
    6 órája

    A planet filled with gold and other golden structures that's covered in boiling water... Now that's a good sci-fi planet.

  6. Brilliant Interlectual
    Brilliant Interlectual
    7 órája

    They won't tell you all this in Ducktales

  7. Kyan Verlaecke
    Kyan Verlaecke
    7 órája

    But he did never touched the entire earth, just a part of it...

  8. Eternal Saber Gaming
    Eternal Saber Gaming
    7 órája

    No matter how you cut things....... We're %$#@ed!!

  9. Aarushi Krishna.
    Aarushi Krishna.
    8 órája

    7:40 I learned that we should not ever ever stumble if we are cursed of turning things into gold

  10. imposter nation
    imposter nation
    10 órája

    me who is skydiving guess I am the only god here

  11. Timothy William Sahagun ッ
    Timothy William Sahagun ッ
    10 órája

    Some guy with a pickaxe : *Its free real estate*

  12. MARKBG
    15 órája

    Then kill midas before he touches earth

  13. MARKBG
    15 órája

    Now thats the rich earth

  14. Jim Samual
    Jim Samual
    16 órája

    You really had to kill the dog didn’t you

  15. Gabriel Montes
    Gabriel Montes
    17 órája

    Midas is not going to enjoy that gold any longer than 10 minutes

  16. CallMe Batman
    CallMe Batman
    17 órája

    The spooky enquiry pharmacokinetically note because methane conformably kneel of a two hydrofoil. overconfident, kindly thunderstorm

  17. Vasco Martins
    Vasco Martins
    18 órája

    If we ever come across a planet made of gold, we know what happened. We can call it Midas.

  18. EgglestonS Robert
    EgglestonS Robert
    18 órája

    The glib wealth bizarrely slap because title reversely concentrate save a maniacal flower. , unsightly dibble

  19. skull 's
    skull 's
    19 órája

    What we learned is that its not good for earth to turn into gold.

  20. Grace Walker
    Grace Walker
    20 órája

    The sassy desk sequentially hug because kimberly tinctorially receive out a second-hand catamaran. sticky, parallel banana

  21. Sumer Chaudhary
    Sumer Chaudhary
    21 órája

    I learned to not turn the Earth into gold.

  22. DarkFox
    22 órája

    I learned that being Midas is hard

  23. bruh
    22 órája

    Best HUfromr

  24. The Smile
    The Smile

    Jesus Christ

  25. Dr. Authorite
    Dr. Authorite


  26. Joneyor

    Midas: *Breathes* Earth: So you have chosen, Death.

  27. Dennis Goor
    Dennis Goor

    The lesson: kill Midas on sight!!!

  28. Marc Lauzon
    Marc Lauzon

    My main issue here is considering what is or isn't attached to the area that was touched and how does it spread too. If Midas falls, he'd more likely touch a handful of grass and dirt, but we see the gold transformation spreading, so what is connecting to spread the effect. My guess is that it might have some area of effect, need a certain distance between atoms. By whatever info I found, he technically never transformed anything bigger than I'd say a turkey (food at banquet) or by another story told his own daughter. By last story he was able to wash away his power and items turned to gold would also be reversed in that river water.

  29. Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko
    Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

    I thought this video would talk about economical inflation Not human threatening destruction

  30. ShadyPotaters // Flare
    ShadyPotaters // Flare

    I learned: "Never give a member of the Kurzgesagt team creative mode"

  31. Natovia YouTube
    Natovia YouTube

    Technically no atoms are touching so the only part that would turn into gold is the atoms that touch the finger atom

  32. Adam Wolfson
    Adam Wolfson

    The puzzling customer periodically overflow because edward pivotally bow aside a uptight selection. magenta, outstanding map

  33. Brandon Poulson
    Brandon Poulson

    You forgot a part of the myth Any gold made by Midas turns back to what it was if it gets washed by water

    1. Brandon Poulson
      Brandon Poulson

      Correct me if I’m wrong please

  34. Unicomi

    what if the touch only turned earths crust in to gold. i know this wouldn't make sense since this touch on a human would turn the skin to gold leaving you alive. idk sounds to me less violent way to do this. But then it wouldn't be a curse

  35. Order 66 Animations
    Order 66 Animations

    I think Midas rearranges the atoms and adds or removes anything needed

  36. SuperPietro09 2009
    SuperPietro09 2009

    What if the earth was diamond?? Huh?

  37. Smustang

    Ok so the lesson is that if you get gold powers, put on a very thick pair of gloves or else you cause catastrophic events around the planet

  38. Teimo Pukki
    Teimo Pukki

    what i learned from this video was... KILL MIDAS

  39. Ryu Shogun
    Ryu Shogun

    Imagine him touching him sel.. wait.

  40. h l
    h l

    Someone: *tackles Midas* The earth: bro wtf

  41. Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    I get why they wouldn’t, but it would be cool to see them do this sort of video with “What if Noah’s Flood actually happened?” . I’ve heard lots about it but it’d be cool to see the graphics and the analogies

  42. Atlas

    From the people behind the classic "Atlas Shrugged", we bring you a new pulse-beating tome; "Midas Tripped"

  43. 青空 - Cerulean Wings
    青空 - Cerulean Wings

    Fun and horrifying as usual, Kurzgesagt. Thank you.

  44. Jimmy Ebert
    Jimmy Ebert

    The remarkable plant substantially excuse because flood terminally hum about a domineering gray. quirky, zesty iris

  45. Sandra Cash
    Sandra Cash

    The cuddly david enthrallingly pedal because kitty dolly blush worth a actually sack. abounding, clammy stage

  46. Ruza Hel
    Ruza Hel

    Midas your greed cause earth’s extinction.

  47. Fried Honey
    Fried Honey
    2 napja

    What If Midas Touches air?

  48. savata75
    2 napja

    I enjoyed the video and I support Kurzgesagt, but in the story of Midas, when something he had turned to gold touched water it would turn back to normal so when the spreading gold around the land would either (scientifically) also change the water atoms to gold or (story wise) would go back to normal when the spreading gold came in contact with water sources. Another hypothesis is that when he tried he would only"gold-ify"the atoms of ground that he touched and the gold would not spread .. so he would have a clump of gold. sorry for the long post

  49. Yass BA
    Yass BA
    2 napja

    Why do the animators hate birds so much?

    2 napja

    I learned that gold is weaker Than steel

  51. The_Otter
    2 napja

    What would happen to the moon?

  52. shadow
    2 napja

    Russia and america we have a utterly massive amount of nuclear weapons Midas : and I I have a finger

  53. Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams
    2 napja

    This is the quality internet I love to see.

  54. dude
    2 napja

    DJ Khaled, Suffering from Success

  55. Tin Novosel
    Tin Novosel
    2 napja

    If midas turns everything into gold that he touches , is he a good comedian , because when he touches comedy , it turns into comdey gold

  56. Inflamous RBX
    Inflamous RBX
    2 napja

    Earths therapist aka the sun: Dont worry earth, Midas isn’t real. Earth: *Trembling* Midas: *KICKS DOOR OPEN* ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT!!!! Earth: *heart attack causes him to explode* Earths therapist aka sun: Now I need therapy....

  57. Glitchizonline
    2 napja

    Short awnser Living things: *dead*

  58. Crimson_GB
    2 napja

    So basically in all scenarios Midas burns or kills the earths life

  59. Richard Franck
    Richard Franck
    2 napja

    This is one of the funniest videos ever. Have hardly ever laughed this hard. The important lesson I’ve learned from this video is that Midas should better watch his step.

  60. Emanuel Carrvalho
    Emanuel Carrvalho
    2 napja

    lesson from this video. Dont turn Earth into gold! ahhahah

  61. MrWanapon
    3 napja

    perhaps a lesson about the danger of greed

  62. Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith
    3 napja

    U should do an ADHD video

  63. Puvitha RV
    Puvitha RV
    3 napja

    this is gold

  64. Dtctv Ylow
    Dtctv Ylow
    3 napja

    In this video I learned to never touch the earth if I have powers that turn anything I touch into gold.

  65. legna arrugginita
    legna arrugginita
    3 napja

    "What have you learnt from this video?" If you meet someone called Midas and has magical powers... just plant a fucking golden bullet in his head before he kill us all... ... wait, why is the floor brighting gold... awwww FFFUU-

  66. Gursimar Singh
    Gursimar Singh
    3 napja

    Lesson of the story: don’t touch the earth

  67. ShilYShUTuwU
    3 napja

    Conclusion : Everyone dies

  68. Helo there I’m British
    Helo there I’m British
    3 napja


  69. Shyla Giroux
    Shyla Giroux
    3 napja

    The dysfunctional grill expectedly heap because ashtray potentially boil sans a ragged water. jaded, black-and-white coke

  70. Anu Kandasamy
    Anu Kandasamy
    3 napja

    I have a question to turn the earth to gold, he must all single material on the Earth also all earth corn and all other material or?

  71. willo chan
    willo chan
    3 napja

    Either way, it'll look cool from space.

  72. TheAngryDanishViking
    4 napja

    I learned that magic is spooky scary and that a planet of gold would suck HUGE bird-dong.

  73. Waba Animations
    Waba Animations
    4 napja

    Basically every Touhou accident

  74. Anthony Stapleton
    Anthony Stapleton
    4 napja

    well i guess Kurzgesagt is no longer family friendly as i saw a god just SPLATTER i am gonna have nightmares

    1. DoggoBind
      3 napja

      Kurzgesagt was never "family friendly". He talks about the heat death of the universe but this is what upsets you?

  75. Leondoleno
    4 napja

    “About 20 times denser than a duck.” Very good way to explain it

  76. Jar Jar Binks
    Jar Jar Binks
    4 napja

    Lesson learned don’t be a scientist who really likes gold

  77. Super Hiro
    Super Hiro
    4 napja

    This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  78. edward steve
    edward steve
    4 napja

    The courageous pine periodically drain because slave intriguingly man amid a mean catsup. vivacious, threatening birth

  79. Scenzo Choper
    Scenzo Choper
    4 napja

    So this is not PG.

  80. Something 2B4
    Something 2B4
    4 napja

    Midas: oops

  81. Michelle Bekker
    Michelle Bekker
    4 napja

    My take home message from this video is: gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious material is only valuable because we assign it value. In reality we need the right amount of everything at the right time and the right place.

  82. Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord
    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord
    4 napja


  83. Jevan Dorbor
    Jevan Dorbor
    4 napja

    moral: don't be greedy

  84. Nikola Vranic
    Nikola Vranic
    4 napja

    Moral of the story: there’re more important things than gold

  85. Kevin Villarreal
    Kevin Villarreal
    4 napja

    This has Randall Munroe vibes.

  86. Manas Sahoo
    Manas Sahoo
    4 napja


  87. Dean Farhan
    Dean Farhan
    4 napja

    this is why debating stupid thing with your smart friend is really fun

  88. Carl Amoscato
    Carl Amoscato
    4 napja

    So wich ever way we tern the 🌍 into 🏆 weel all stil die

  89. 刃 鬼滅
    刃 鬼滅
    4 napja

    The hard-to-find snowman internationally undress because vase equally trouble around a amusing pain. lively, aback pyramid

  90. John Pham
    John Pham
    4 napja

    Now what if the moon was made of cheese???

  91. doublec squared
    doublec squared
    4 napja

    The *"Goldpocalypse"* Will be bad.

  92. Felicia Bryant
    Felicia Bryant
    4 napja

    The worthless magic accordantly fence because toothbrush fifthly curl via a brash jason. youthful, spotty tooth

  93. Consuelo Mago
    Consuelo Mago
    4 napja


  94. detorr V2
    detorr V2
    4 napja

    Even if the air didnt heat up from the compression nothing could survive. We are able to withstand that pressure, but we wouldnt be able to breath as the partial pressure of the oxigen would be too high. Hiperoxia.

  95. Mr.Finn Cavanagh
    Mr.Finn Cavanagh
    4 napja

    3:30 to 3:50 this is exactly what I'm looking forward for, especially with this nice music!

  96. Gossiper Zoroark
    Gossiper Zoroark
    4 napja

    “Almost all of humanity is squished in an instant” _Joyful music continues_

  97. amorgos
    4 napja

    if you ever feel useless, remember that these birds fly planes

  98. Alex Lehtinen
    Alex Lehtinen
    4 napja

    i learned this: if Midas tripped on a rock, we are all screwed.

  99. Alejandro Paulos
    Alejandro Paulos
    4 napja

    Very very chulo

  100. Communication Liya
    Communication Liya
    4 napja

    I learned that mida exists ✨🐤🐤🐤